About me:


Mitchell Lorens April, 2016

Hello and thanks for taking a look at my website. I am a West Sac Photographer and perhaps THE West Sacramento, Ca. photographer. My primary purpose for this website is to display my photography, my partner Susie’s photography and to provide access to my  periodic Blog postings. I’m a lifelong photographer. That is, since I was young at about the tender age of 12 or so when I discovered the joy of photography through the viewfinder of my Kodak Instamatic. My interest and passion for photography has never stopped growing. These days I find myself in a steady cycle of photographing, processing, posting, writing and maintaining all that as best I can through the content of this website. So, first things first. Here is how you can contact me:

email me at: mitchellllorens@gmail.com

I make my images here available to you in a number of different ways. You may choose any image you find under the Galleries menu to be custom printed for display in your home, office or other place of business. My images are printed in many different sizes depending on your space available or personal desires. My images are printed on the finest Red River papers using archival inks. This process insures you have the richest and longest lasting colors available that will not fade over time as do traditional photographic prints. If you desire any of these images as customized personal greeting cards, that option is available to you as well. If you see an image you like, think about how it might enhance some space in your home or think about using it as a gift for friend or family. My customized prints and cards always make a great gift as they are inspirational and have that “Homemade” sort of quality that people appreciate. Contact me through my email above. My prices are very affordable and will definitely fit into your budget.