West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Backyard B&W

It’s not that I needed any reminder of how hot the weather has been lately. But I do like to record things and I especially love recording in B&W. I thought these objects in our backyard were a good representation of summer. Especially this summer. At the end of the evening the heat and the light take of a special glow. I saw these things tonight and felt they would serve as a representation of that summer kind of feeling. I thought also that B&W would work the best. That’s the way I saw it tonight. Stay cool and enjoy!

Grapes in the Delta

These are the fairly current status of grapes in the Sacramento / San Joaquin Delta near Rio Vista, Ca. If you are driving through the area, it’s worth your while to get out and take a look. The grapes are beautiful. I had camera in hand and made it obvious I was photographing only. In other words, I wasn’t carrying a basket or grocery bags if you know what I mean. “Photographs only, Mr. Farmer, Sir!” I did have to sample a few when nobody was looking, mind you… Now,  I’m no wine expert but I can imagine these will soon become some kind of delicious variety of vino. Or, perhaps some decent jug wine (I like both).  I love how these grapes look this time of year. The weather is hot, the grapes are plumping up and turning color. You probably still have some time to go investigate for yourself. Try it and ENJOY!


A little bit of Rio Vista

It’s been two months since I’ve posted 😦 … For now, here’s just a few images from Rio Vista, Ca. The images are very recent, although Rio Vista doesn’t change a lot.  I’m busy updating my WestSacPhotographer site and I hope you give it a visit. Right here … WestSacPhotographer. I like feedback. For me, it’s not about getting likes on Fb or Twitter. I like feedback. For that it’s best to visit the site. Comments are at the bottom. The biggest part of my site is the Blog. But the Blog is completely linked back to WestSacPhotographer. There, you’ll find galleries and other odds and ends. Do click around some, there’s more than meets the eye. More to come very soon. Enjoy!

Those hazy hot days of summer

Here is my interpretation of what a really hot summer’s day looks and feels like. Now that it’s evening and these guys are closed up, I feel like doing the same. Amazing how these guys stay beautiful in the heat of the day.


Poppies always keep their composure no matter the heat

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Here I am back with a short post just to put up some of the remaining photos I intended to put up here. These, of course, are from the Arboretum and Botanical Garden down in Dallas. I Just love that place. Thanks for all your comments.  I will return next time with something completely different. I hope you are able to view these without problem. Enjoy, everyone!!   🙂

Dallas, Texas

One of the largest cities I’ve seen in a long time is one not without it’s share of beauty, diversity and culture. I’m thinking back on a week or so I spent there and wanted to share just a few photos from one of the prettier places I was fortunate enough to visit. My header here is “Dallas, Texas.” However, one suburban area blends with another as far as I was concerned. Locals there will definitely have a more familiar view and be able to define characteristics that make their local special. The following photos were taken in Garland, Texas. Read more

Birthday Silliness

I’ve been looking for an excuse to post something, lately. My big problem is that I’m not making time for posting. I probably have been more than a little busy but no excuses. I was reviewing some of CEE’s dailies and thought the Birthday Silliness was appropriate. Nothing artsy here, just goofing around with the dogs. But it was my birthday goofing around. I’m posting for the fun of it today and I’ll be posting a little more seriously soon. That means I will have photos to post that I’d probably be happy with if they were hanging on the walls of my home. That has always been my criteria. But CEE is a motivator and the following photos were definitely “Birthday Silliness.” Here you go:

And finally…

Since it’s the end of the weekend, that means no more getting out especially to do photography. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen. My eyes are always open. However, I got to the bottom of Friday’s images and found a few more I like. These are mostly of Sutter Creek, that lovely little town nestled in the foothills. The first photo is something I haven’t seen in a few years. Water, a stream – could it be THE Sutter CREEK? Hallelujah! Water this year. Last few years, just a stagnant trickle. This is it, and a couple token shots from Daffodil Hill, although I’ve posted plenty enough of those. Get your camera(s) and get busy. It’s going to be a lovely Spring. Enjoy!

Sutter Creek alley advertising

Advertising in Sutter Creek – Old Style

Sutter Creek is very lovely this year!

Family photo time at Daffodil Hill

The few against the many

Daffodil Hill Thrill

Everyone’s busy taking photos

Like I say, “Get your gear out!”

Staggered planting so there’s always fresh growth

Looks like they are up to their waist in flowers!

Layers of flowers

Bands of new and old

Love that yellow glow

Down in the dirt

Yellow and white bands of flowers

Lush greenery everywhere

Up close and personal

If you saw yesterday’s post you would know that Daffodil Hill is very much in bloom and a happening place to be right now. Today being Saturday, I’m going to say that it will be very busy. One thing, they handle the crowds in an efficient and very friendly manner. From the traffic directors who corral your cars and motorcycles in the parking lot to the Sheriff who allows you to cross the street safely, ALL are very friendly, down home people. That’s your first experience, so it’s a good one. And surprisingly, they aren’t out to make a ton of money it seems. If you’re familiar with Apple Hill, you know what I mean. It’s ok to make a profit, I know I’d be trying. Where Apple Hill is a big event where landowners and vendors are out to capitalize on the crowds to make money, (And their pies are out of this world good – so NO complaints) Daffodil Hill – not so much. It’s just a friendly, happy place. Maybe it’s a little Disneyland for Daffodils. Hats off to the McLaughlin family who are so gracious about opening up their private lands to the public. Here’s a little gallery of photos from how things looked out there yesterday. So here’s your preview as of April 1, 2017. Get your gear out and go ENJOY!



Daffodil Hill – Today!

Today was one of those beautiful blue sky, very Spring-like days up at Daffodil Hill. There was a reasonable crowd, everybody enjoying themselves. Of course, loads of pictures to be taken. I took many but decided to grab just a couple here without agonizing over post processing, rating and ranking and edits galore. No time for that right now so just a couple grab shots to post. Enjoy your weekend!

Get your gear out and photograph those daffodils!

A little splash of Spring colors

A squawking peacock